Tera: Online Dungeon run.

Looks a bit like a very beautiful WoW clone (kind of in the Rift school of thought). I would definitely be game to try it out, but the main problem I have with these games is the initial cost of purchase coupled with a monthly fee to play. When I buy a game I don’t feel like paying a fee to continue enjoying my purchase. That said, WoW is extremely well done so anything that can capture that kind of magic with a more adult setting definitely has my attention. Diablo 3 is right around the corner and that looks like it will more than consume enough of my time when it drops.

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Kehl Bayern is a full-time graduate student living in Boston, Massachusetts as well as a part-time author. His first published work will be arriving shortly for all major retail outlets. Other than these two monotonous things, Kehl enjoys animated gifs as well as most internet humor, food (particularly Japanese and French cuisine), music, video games, and sporadic and too infrequent bits of high culture. View all posts by kehlbayern

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