Dead Island sold out everywhere apparently.

EGM Now and this thread on both discuss how Dead Island is unavailable for purchase at most retailers. Most likely that’s because the game is going to be a smash hit even though reviews have been less than favorable. I think it looks quite amazing honestly. A fresh take on the zombie genre, mixed with Oblivion style gameplay elements can’t really be a bad thing can it? Really any game with zombies gets my attention, and if sales are any indication, Dead Island merits it.

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Kehl Bayern is a full-time graduate student living in Boston, Massachusetts as well as a part-time author. His first published work will be arriving shortly for all major retail outlets. Other than these two monotonous things, Kehl enjoys animated gifs as well as most internet humor, food (particularly Japanese and French cuisine), music, video games, and sporadic and too infrequent bits of high culture. View all posts by kehlbayern

2 responses to “Dead Island sold out everywhere apparently.

  • Ryan Fanus

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to sell. It just has to be fresh and fun.

    • kehlbayern

      I completely agree. I think too often emphasis is placed on the wrong things in games when people become fixated on certain shortcomings while still failing to see the big picture. I think Dead Island’s take on the zombie survival horror theme is awesomely unique.

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